Caravan Storage In North Cornwall Near Bude

Caravan Storage at Tamar Lake Farm

Save yourself time, money and hassle by letting us take care of your Van. Caravan Storage available for only £25 per month!

If you are looking for caravan storage in North Cornwall, near Bude, Tamar Lake Farm offers excellent service all year round at an affordable price. You can choose either of the three available options.

    • Leave your caravan with us all year round. If you want to stay with us, we will tow your caravan onto a pitch ready for your arrival, if you want to collect your van to go touring elsewhere, we will tow your caravan onto our hard-standing collection point.

    • Leave your caravan with us for the summer (or for a shorter period to suit your requirements). We will have it ready for your arrival as above.

    At the end of your visit to Tamar Lake Farm, or on your return from your holiday elsewhere, we will place your caravan back into storage for you.

    • Leave your caravan with us for the winter. When you have finished your caravanning season, leave it safely with us for the winter months until you are ready to take to the road again!

    What are the costs of caravan storage at Tamar Lake Farm?

    We charge a flat rate of £25 per calendar month no matter how long or short a period of storage you require.

    With ever-rising fuel costs and the fact that towing an average-sized caravan will increase your fuel consumption by around 30%, we believe that our service is a very financially attractive proposition.

    At current fuel prices we reckon not towing a caravan will save you around 7p per mile. So, on a round trip of (say) 400 miles just once a month, you will more than pay for the cost of storage, will save the hassle of towing and will have your van ready on your pitch if you stay with us, or ready to tow on for a shorter trip to your holiday destination.

    Save Time and Hassle

    For busy working couples and for families, storing your van with us makes it possible to get away more often and makes even a short weekend away a much more attractive proposition. It is undoubtedly so much easier to head down to Cornwall on Friday after work to spend the weekend on the beach or just relaxing if you do not have to worry about towing your caravan too. Your journey time should be shorter, easier and less hassle leaving you more time to enjoy your weekend. Just let us know when you are coming and your caravan will be ready and waiting for you!

    Don’t forget that you can eat in Wei’s Chinese Kitchen, our onsite Chinese Restaurant or choose a takeaway to enjoy back at your caravan to give Mum a break from the cooking too!

    So whether you choose to use Tamar Lake Farm as your holiday destination for the summer or as your base for exploring further into Cornwall and Devon, why not find out more about our caravan storage service?

    Get in Touch Today

    Please contact us for further details and to check availability for the summer season or for winter storage.